Powerful & Affordable Learning Management of SCORM™-compliant Content

New in Version 6

  • Adds new Division level that is a grouping of organizations. Courses and Classes can be assigned at the Division level.
  • Optional Security Questions for resetting your password.
  • Supervisor Administrators/Reporters can be assigned at the Organization or Division level as well as configuring the supervisor's direct reports.
  • Adds 49 new reports/graphs.
  • New Audio and Video lessons. Link directly to the media file and Tracker provides all SCORM communication. Optionally play in HTML 5 when supported and revert to Windows Media Player otherwise.
  • Additional lesson settings to skip bookmarks/suspend data, set the maximum number of lesson attempts, or end access after completion.
  • Greatly improved Windows Authentication.
  • Ability to "skin" the interface through jQueryUI.
  • Automatically saves your last report/graph selected.
  • Special "External Mode" for integrating Tracker.Net into another system.
  • Redesigned and improved Global Settings screen.
  • Settings to hide inactive classes, courses, lessons, and/or students in the Administrator or Reporter.
  • Improved interface that is easily accessible from mobile devices.
  • Updated Tracker Reporter application allows users to view 109 reports and 118 graphs by student, lesson, course, class, organization, and division.
  • Scheduler application can now send division emails as well as organization/course/class emails. Any student information such as username and password can be included.
  • Updated and expanded Tracker Reports SQL Server Reporting Services solution boasts 101 reports and 125 graphs by student, lesson, course, class, organization, and division.
  • Downloadable trial version
  • Much more!
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The Problem:

Organizations around the world need to manage e-Learning. The leading standard for the communication between the content and the Learning Management System (LMS) is the SCORM Runtime Environment. Tracker.Net applies the awesome power of ASP.NET and Microsoft® SQL Server™ to this task. Come join customers like Circle K, British Airways, Syncrude Canada, YMCA of the USA, Long Island Rail Road, American Signature, Mac's Convenience Stores, L-3 Communications, St. Francis Healthcare, Copenhagen Airports, Drug Free Business, various government agencies, and many more!

My Courses Screen
My Courses Screen

Tracker Scheduler
Tracker Scheduler Application

Tracker Reporter
Tracker Reporter Application

The Solution:

Tracker.Net implements all mandatory and optional communication elements listed in the SCORM 1.2 and 2004 Runtime Environment Specification. Rather than messing with SCORM manifest files, you use Tracker.Net's Administrator interface to define lesson locations, organize lessons into courses, set passing scores, and more. You can even set lesson and course completion status via the Administrator in addition to having it set automatically via SCORM. Tracker.Net manages ToolBook HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver, Lectora, Captivate, ASP.NET, and any other content that can communicate via SCORM.

Tracker Reporting

System Requirements:

Web Server
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 or later
  • Windows® Server 2003 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.5 (runtime)
  • Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 or later
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Newer versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Not tested with other browsers but we encourage you to try them yourself.
Client (Only for those users running the Tracker Reporter™, Tracker Scheduler™, Tracker Student Importer, and Tracker Configuration applications)
  • Windows Vista SP2 or later
  • .NET 4.5 Runtime (added if needed by the installation)


Despite its great capabilities, Tracker.Net continues to be one of the lowest prices of any major LMS. Newer data is not regularly published, but check out Brandon Hall Research's 2005 LMS prices at http://www.vbtrain.net/documents/jan5-05.htm. You'll notice that the low prices in the Brandon Hall report include both the Tracker.Net licensing and the additional technical support costs! These prices have gone up only $2,000 since this report.

Description Price
Up to 500 Users (single web site) $6,995
Up to 2000 Users (single web site) $8,995
Unlimited Users (single web site) $10,995

Note that you can move between levels at any time by paying the difference in licensing costs.

Supporting Applications
Description Price
Tracker Reporter Application (per user) $495
Tracker Scheduler Application (per user) $495
Tracker Store e-Commerce Site (per web site) $995
Remote Tracker for hosting remote lessons (per web site) $995
Tracker.Net source code for internal use $4,995
Tracker Store source code for internal use $795
Technical Support
Description Price
One year email-only technical support $795

Try It Out

Run Tracker.Net

Feel free to add yourself as a new student. You will then see all the courses configured as "Open Enrollment." If you would like to see some existing data, you can use:

user name: demo
password: a

Please send any comments, questions, problems, or feature requests to: tracker@plattecanyon.com

Click to see a January 2006 article in Aerospace International magazine to shows how Platte Canyon reseller IDC Training Solutions has used Tracker.Net to manage their aviation content for British Airways, CityJet, and other airlines
Tracker Reporter Video
Tracker Scheduler Video

User Comments

  • I wish I had more emails to send. The Tracker Scheduler makes it very easy.
  • We like Tracker.Net LMS. And the support is great..!!
  • I have been using Tracker.Net and have had several different companies go through the training with no issues. Jeff is always there to help if there is anything wrong and does a great job with setups, etc.
  • I am totally confident in your system - and what you say it will do. The real key that I really emphasized with my boss is that I told him - that I would be completely confident in your technical support (if we need it) for this system.
  • The configuration tool offered by Platte Canyon is really easy to use so you don't have to be an expert to install Tracker.
  • Glad to hear that Tracker.Net is getting a good reception. I think it is a wonderful software.
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